Tuesday, June 7, 2011

joy of parenting

    NexGen babies is a training centre for developing the next generation babies...
Babies are not only born geniuses but are genius even before the birth. NexGen babies aims at focussing the parents to tune their babies in the right path and not to let the genius down, instead we focus on how to bring the best out of your baby.
  ok, bring the best, but best in what????
                   oh oh, if you have question like best in what, wait, you are underestimating, your baby is best in everything.yes, EVERYTHING, no exception... so parents, pls learn how to give the best..
   hmm, what is this class all about??
                  ok, this class is all about how to communicate effectively with your baby, how to utilize quality time with your baby so that your baby learns read, learns numbers, music, languages, and what not in the world. whatever you wish to give to your baby, give it using a planned methodology. And no,thats not all. your baby is not just a genius, he is versatile, he is unique and he is divine.  so this class focusses on all the growth aspects, IQ(Intelligent Quotient), EQ(Emotional Quotient) and SQ(Spiritual Quotient) and physical fitness.

ok how???
    good.. curious, fun loving parents who are the REAL parents interested in bringing out the best out of your baby, do attend the classes and we assure you that you will definitely find a constructive growth in your baby..

hmm,can i attend the classes??
    well, parents to be and young parents with children below 3 years can attend the classes. Plan is on for parenting after 3 years also.. but pls wait until we extend upto 6 years. But counselling sessions for emotional balance are given for parents with children above 3 years and below 8 years...

how many classes?
   there are 5 sessions, each session lasts for 1.5 hr , with one session per week..

fine, what should i bring to the class?
   just a notebook, pen and pendrive (for giving some softcopy docs).

what next??
Contact: Vani - 9159212335
mail to vanichezhiyan@gmail.com for online classes